Does this describe you?

Passionate, Positive & Motivated? Reliable, Trustworthy & Sociable? Determined to generate above average income this summer? Looking for an opportunity to prove to yourself you have what it takes to win? Need to gain valuable sales experience to further your resume and skills? Driven to learn and excel in the world of sales and marketing? Willing to commit your summer of 2014 to hard work and getting ahead in life?

Fluent feels it is important to warn you that this role is very rewarding however it is also a lot of hard work, is extremely client focused, and requires a consultative approach requiring you to be an excellent communicator. Your success in this role will depend on it!

  • $33,000

    First year sales rep average

    in 4 months (top 10 first year reps)

  • $133,000

    The average Assistant Manager earned

    in 4 months

  • $57,000

    The average Lead Tech earned

    in 4 months

  • $27,000

    The average first year Tech earned

    in 4 months

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